A collection of images that show a glimpse of life in a country whose complex history is as varied as the lives of the people.

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  1. Sabina

    Your pictures are fantastic! I don’t understand pictures much but yours are amazing. You love people as subject! Why don’t you come to Bangladesh! I m not an agent or any sales person.
    You will love this country & the people.

  2. Draycat

    Thanks Sabina, glad you like them. I hope I can go to Bangladesh one day!

  3. AK

    Awesome pictures!

    I love photography too, though I tend to focus more on nature, and this looks like a great area to explore.

    I had a request: I have been managing photography with my Nexus 4 smart phone, and I am really looking for good camera that I can use for my travel photography. Could you suggest me something, please?


  4. Draycat

    Hi AK, thanks for the comments. In terms of camera’s it really depends on what type of camera you want and your budget. It’s maybe best to go to a camera shop and see what you like then read some reviews – that was pretty much what I did when I got my first camera. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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