This is a set of images shot in India reflecting the lives of just a small proportion of the 1.2bn people who live there. You can also find a version of this as a slide show set to music on my Youtube Channel page. This is the best way to see these images as you will be able to experience them full screen. Alternatively, you can see the images below as a gallery.

You can also find out more about my experiences in India by reading my blog posts: Varanasi and Cochin, Kerala

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  1. Jaz

    Awesome work Draycat – would love to snag a few prints off you – old and new – you selling?

  2. Draycat

    Yeah, Prints can be arranged. You’ll need to let me know which images you are thinking about. I’ll set up a order print service on the site pretty soon.

  3. Akshata Nagesh

    Wonderfully captured 🙂

  4. Navin Kumar

    Wooooow, nice work Draycat, loved to see your stories of varanasi too. Nice work and some good to know text.

    Hope to see some more nice pics soon


  5. Draycat

    Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed!

  6. Marie

    We’re you able to give your portrait folks a print on the spot? How did you do that? Thanks – great photos! Marie

  7. Draycat

    Thanks Marie. Unfortunately, as I usually shoot in RAW and need to process pics first I wasn’t able to give them prints. In most cases I tried to take an address and posted pics to them afterwards. However, if I were in the same situation again now I would do a rough edit and got copies printed at a local copy shop for the people I photographed and give them copies before I leave the area (I got to know most of the people I did portraits of, and I knew where to find them again). Although I sent copies to everyone I could I don’t know if they received them OK, and others didn’t have an address. I hope this helps!

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