India part two – Cochin

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  1. hussein chahine

    i like the way you express yourself, and inspite being an astute photographer, you would rather be a writer.

  2. Akshata Nagesh

    You are a great photographer, I must say. And a simple writer. Its complicated to be simple. I feel sad that you had some bad experiences. But if you still in India i would like to suggest some of the place which I am sure you would love. Would like to share and learn from you, if possible.

    Akshata Nagesh

  3. Tony

    Nice site and photos.

    How much is a massage?

    Is it easily available and cheap there?


  4. Draycat

    I think the massage was about 900 rupees. Ask in the hotel where you stay and they will recommend a place.

  5. Ramya

    Amazing pics.
    For good ayurvedic massages choose good luxury resorts/hotels or registered Ayurvedic places like the Arya Viadya Shala in Kerala.
    A good massage in luxury resorts will cost you around 2-3k only but the experience is far more hygenic and relaxing.

  6. Glen

    I have never been to India…and am having a stopover on my way home…can you help me decide between Kerala and Varanasi…in late feb 2015

  7. Draycat

    Very different places. Varanasi is dirty, crowded, uncomfortable, and crazy, but good if you like taking pictures – it was my favourite place to shoot in India. Kerala is clean, warm, and much more relaxed – many Indians spend their holidays there, but not as interesting for photography. It really depends on what type of trip you want. My blog entries give you a feel for each place but in the end you have to decide. Hope that helps!

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